After your Workshop

It is nice to round-off the activities after you are finished so that everyone is left feeling content and the connected feeling continues. It is also a great time to take notes for yourself of what did and didn’t work, so that you can focus on those in the next session. Here are some ideas of ways to close the session that will leave participants excited for the next one, choose what feels right for the room:

Closing the session:

a circus workshop leader shakes hands with an older workshop participant
  • Cooldown and light movement/stretching
  • If the atmosphere seems lively, you can keep the music playing and use this as socialising time
  • Serving tea & cake whilst everyone’s together
  • Remind people when the next session is while they’re in the room
  • If you’re keeping records of people’s attendance and any surprising interactions you noticed, straight after the workshop is a great time to write these down because you will be able to remember the little details more clearly, and you can also reflect on how the session went and what could be improved for next time
  • We’d love to hear about your experience so it’s also the perfect time to send us any feedback. The project has been a collaborative process and we would love that to continue. We welcome feedback or thoughts about the Digital toolkit, its content or how your sessions are going – Please fill in our short feedback form